Daphne Youth Football

Frequently Asked Questions


1.  What does the league provide and what do I need to purchase? 

The Daphne Youth Football League will provide each child a game jersey, ONE mouthpiece and will let you check out a helmet and pair of shoulder pads.  Parents must provide pants (with pads), shoes, socks, extra mouthpieces and shoulder pads and any other accessories your child would like to have.  We recommend that you get a cheap pair of practice pants.  The coach will let you know what color pants you will need for games.  Some teams purchase these as a team and some coaches just tell the parents what color they need and each parent must purchase on their own.

2.  When and where will practices be held?

Your coach will decide when and where your child's team will practice.  Most teams will practice at Trione Park or at the "Pit" at the high school.  The days and times are completely up to the coaches.  Most teams practice 2-3 times per week.  Teams are limited to 6 hours of practice/game time per week per league rules.

3.  When and where will games take place?

Most games will be played on Saturdays.  The older age groups will start at 9:00 am and we will work down from there.  Usually the last game of the day will start no later than 3:00 pm.  Games will be held throughout Baldwin County. 

4.  What do we do if we are having a problem with a coach?

We ask that you try to address all problems with the head coach of your team first.  Use good judgment in determining when and how you approach your coach to discuss your problem.  After practice and away from other players and parents is always the best time to try to discuss issues with your coach.  If you can not resolve your problems by talking with the coach, please contact the Daphne Rec. Dept. and we will work to try to resolve any issues.

5.  My child has decided he doesn't want to play football after I have registered him.  Can I get a refund?

Prior to teams being formed, we will gladly process a refund for you minus $5 that we are charged for the credit card processing fee.  Once teams are chosen/assigned, refunds will only be processed under special circumstances (family is moving, player is injured and can not play, etc...)  Teams are divided up based on who is registered at that time and it is unfair to all involved for players to pull out after teams have been assigned.  Any and all refunds are subject to fees for jerseys that have been ordered and so forth.  Please contact the rec. dept. if you desire a refund for a child who is no longer playing.  Refunds may take several weeks to process and the City will need some information from the person who will be receiving the check before it can be processed.