The Daphne Youth Football League participates in the Baldwin County Youth Football League (BCYFL).  Other leagues in the BCYFL include Bay Minette, Spanish Fort, Loxley, Robertsdale, Elberta, Fairhope, Foley & Gulf Shores. 

The league is comprised of children from 7-12 years of age.  Some leagues allow younger children to play but that is up to each individual league.  In Daphne, we will allow a 6 year old to play if they turn 7 by the end of the current year.  The age control date for football is August 1.  The league is split into several divisions: 8U, 10U & 12U.  You can look at the league rules to see how teams are formed within the divisions.

Daphne usually holds an open registration period around the month of July, but please check back around that time for the exact dates.  Our registration fee is usually around $80 per child and that includes a game jersey, that the child keeps, and the use of one of our helmets and set of shoulder pads and one mouthpiece.  The helmet and shoulder pads must be returned at the end of the season.  Parents must provide pants with pads, chin strap, extra mouthpieces (if needed), socks, shoes, etc.  The color of the pants for games is a decision made by the coach.  We normally recommend getting a cheaper pair of pants for practice and then once teams are selected, the coach will let you know what you need for games.

Practices begin the first week of August and games usually begin the weekend after Labor Day.  Teams are usually scheduled for 8 games and then the playoffs.  The BCYFL Super Bowl is usually the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Most games are played on Saturdays although there is a chance of a weeknight game or two.  Teams usually practice 3 nights a week prior to the games starting.  Once games begin, some teams continue with 3 nights a week and some knock it down to 2 nights a week, it just depends on the coach.  Teams are only allowed to practice/play up to 6 hours a week. 

Questions about the Daphne Youth Football League can be emailed to bdavis@daphneal.com.



The Daphne Youth Cheerleading Program cheers for our Youth Football teams in the BCYFL.   Girls ages 5-12 can register for the cherleading program.  Daphne usually holds an open registration period around the month of May, but please check back around that time for the exact dates.  It doesn't cost anything to register online, but there will be a cost for the uniform, supplies and clinic. That fee is usually around $150. 

The Daphne Youth Cheerleading program has volunteer coordinators who organize the coaches, teams and handles the orders of the game uniforms.  Kassie Foster and Tara Wyman volunteer their time to ensure that the cheerleaders are an important part of the season and that they get the attention the deserve.  If you have any questions regarding the cherrleading program, please email Tara or Kassie at daphnereccheer@gmail.com.